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We use 100% organic products. We believe that only the highest quality organic products are good enough for our clients. Besides the aspects of organic and natural products that everyone knows, organic skin products produce superior results for cleansing, detoxifying, and nourishing your skin.


Our clients are unique individuals. Doesn’t it make sense that no two persons have exactly the same skin needs, as well? When you approach a skin-care professional for ways to strengthen, cleanse, and repair skin, you need the individualized care and skill of Silvia Skin and Body. We use our experience and training to give you a customized analysis of your skin needs. Rather than using a  pre-packaged “one size fits all” approach, we give you the professional, tailored approach you need. Your personal needs alone will determine what we recommend for you. Your personal health history forms the basis for our treatments. And in the end, your comfort, safety, and health will determine the types of treatments you actually receive, and how long.


e light is a combination of IPL and radio frequency 200. For full face. Helps with hair removal, fade dark spots, removes acne, opens pores, broken capillaries. Tightens skin and removes fine wrinkles. This is a highly safe and effective treatment which works deep in your skin.

PHOTO FACIAL / anti aging/dark pigment/acne/rosacea/open pores.

Have you noticed fine lines, saggy skin, brown spots, age spots and broken blood vessels on your face, neck or décolletage?

These skin changes are signs of sun damage and facial aging. New non-surgical Photo facial anti-aging skin care treatments using intense pulsed light, called  E-LIGHT, can remove age spots, broken blood vessels and skin aging changes with minimal or no down time.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL+RF IS LATEST TECHNOLOGY ), also known as Photo facial, is a non-ablative mixture of many wavelengths of light which work beneath the skin's surface to greatly reduce brown spots, discolorations, redness, and broken capillaries.
With IPL+RF Skin Rejuvenation, the light pulses are directed at the blood vessels, age spots, freckles, flat pigmented birthmarks and other types of discolorations.

An additional bonus is that the treatment causes inflammation of tiny blood vessels in the skin which stimulates the production of new collagen for tighter skin. It is possible to shrink sebaceous glands (oil glands), and the pore size, with repeated treatments. The number of treatments necessary to achieve this result varies from patient to patient.

Photo Facial or Photo Rejuvenation with E-LIGHT also improves skin tone and texture, and minimizes fine lines by inducing significant structural change in the epidermis and dermis. Generally, a series of 5 to 6 IPL treatments is needed to gradually give your skin a more homogeneous appearance. Further improvement can be achieved by combining IPL with treatments such as Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion & Pure Oxygen Therapy. 6 to 8 treatments are recommend.

Application of E—LIGHT treatment

Freckle and facial blemish removal


Vascular lesions

Hair Removal


Facials clean, tone, and exfoliate your skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.  Facials use enzymes from vegetable and ocean sources to purify and tone your skin. Our facials are customized to your skin needs. We begin with a refreshing face massage, scrub with enzymes followed by a healing and refreshing mask. The result:  skin that is hydrated, fresh, strengthened, and soft.


Does your skin need a deep cleansing? If so, a European facial provides the treatment you need. In addition to what is stated above about facials, European facials provide deep pore cleaning. Using steam and a light facial massage, we tenderly detoxify your skin, removing impurities such as blackheads and other impurities in your facial skin.  


Cleansing massage facials includes organic mask and oxygen infusions which are beneficial for skin cells. This treatment also includes a brief 10 min facial massage.


Who has not known persons who suffer from acne and feel social pressure as a result? Using techniques drawn from the European facial, people of all ages feel relief from oily skin, milia (tiny white bumps), and blackheads with this advanced treatment. Using products that help balance the production of oil on your skin from the sebaceous glands, this facial produces amazing results, we recommend this treatment at least every 6 weeks and accompanied by adjustments in diet recommended by your physician. 


What can Radio frequency (RF) energy treat?

Pure RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid thirties to fifties, with any skin color.

It is commonly used to treat the forehead (lift brows and tightens forehead skin), under the eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek skin), cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores), mid-face, jaw line (diminishes jowls and sagging along the jaw line), and the neck (tightens skin and diminishes wrinkling of the neck).

However, if there is a significant amount of redundant or sagging skin, often seen in older patients over sixty, this procedure may not show a significant enough improvement and a traditional mid-face, face or brow lift operation may be recommended in order to remove the excess skin, therefore achieving a better result.

In combination with other modalities, RF can be used to enhance a variety of treatments including hair removal, photo rejuvenation, pigmented and vascular problems, acne treatment and cellulite treatment.


Cleansing, toning, exfoliation with enzymes and facial massage. To soothe and balance the color of your skin, we use cocktail of several depigmentizing ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. Next we introduce the lightening ingredients deeper into your skin with the help of a light facial massage, We end with a lightening mask to lighten dark spots and uneven coloration.  After our recommended series of treatments (a series of six are recommended for best results), you will see the difference—toned, lightened skin without unseemly spots.


Using procedures similar to those used in the European facial, we moisturize, clean and purify the skin on your back. We clean and extract impurities from the skin on your back. This treatment is unisex.




Super food for super beauty

Q: What food protects skin from sun damage?

Pink Grapefruit.

Reason:  Pink grapefruit is full of lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that shield our skin from UV damage. UV exposure creates free radicals cause our skin DNA to break down the antioxidant, such lycopene, strength  the bonds in cells and protect  DNA.

Q: What foods help to prevent wrinkles and sagginess?

Red Peppers

Reason: Red peppers are rich in Vitamin C, have twice the vitamin C as an orange and only have 2 calories, vitamin c rebuild collagen fibers which our skin need to keep thickness and texture.

Q: Which super food prevents Acne?

Collard greens

Reason: Because it’s contain a load of vitamin A. Higher Vitamin A in your blood, the less your acne symptoms, Half cup of collard greens to get this benefits.

Q: Super food that prevent dry skin?

Trough! Salmon.

Reason: Have natural omega 3 fatty acids.

Q: Which super food reduces redness and inflammation?


Reason: This contains an ingredient called quercetin this is a natural antihistamine and it also has anti-flammatory benefits, help to de-puff and decrease inflammation and redness on the face. Eating small amount of capers ,a  take spoon twice a week will help.

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   Dark pigment after (7 sessions)

Open pores, acne, blemish removal (8 Sessions)

   Dilated Capillary, rosacea after

6 treatments

Red face , telangiectasia

Skin Tightening, fine wrinkles

(10 Sessions)

Improve firming and collagen

Hair removal (8 Sessions)

Ear Hair removal (5 Sessions)